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Poem From Will O’ The Weaver

A State of Mind follower from Wigan has written a poem to help people who may be experiencing anxiety and depression see what you think

First and Last

Pollution and decay
Are all around me everyday, breathe
Stressed and short of breath
Scared half to death, breathe

Got to get away
Find a better place to stay, breathe
Walking, just walking
No time nor thought for talking, breathe
Long grass and flowering weeds
Swaying wind blown trees, breathe
Babbling stream gently flowing
Anxious heart beat steadily slowing, breathe

Blue sky wispy clouds
Left behind the madding crowd, breathe
Lungs awoken by fresh air
Life without a care, breathe

Orange tip on lady’s smock
A Dipper on a mid stream rock, breathe
Little pleasures without a toll
A struggling life back in control, breathe

c Will the Weave


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